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1930- Sunday school classes were held at Moffitt Heights School.

1947- Under the direction of Rev.Martin Orman,Wednesday night services were added.The group became known as Moffitt Heights Evangelical Center.Meetings were held in the homes of members.

1950- Thirteen charter members officially organize as Calvary Baptist Church of Moffitt Heights.

1953- Basement structure completed.It served as the sanctuary and classrooms.First services were held in March of the same year.

1960- Construction of the upstairs sanctuary began in April with cash on hand of 2,500 and a loan of 20,000.The project was completed nine months later with the use of a contractor and volunteer labor.The first service in the new sanctuary was Dec 11,1960. One year later,membership had doubled to 64 members.

1961-1974- The church prospered under Pastor Louis DePlacido and later,Randy Crisp. Youth programs were created,a transportation van was purchased and the church experienced progressive growth. Property was purchased with a vision for future growth of the church.

1975- Began a difficult 20-year period for the church. It endured financial hardship and poor attendance.

1981- Pastor Bud Johnson was sent to Calvary Baptist Church from Baptist Mid-Missions as a mission pastor to help the Church. Pastor Johnson pastored there until late 1993 or early 1994.

1988- Earl & Ruby Ressler,after 35 years on the mission field,join the church. They actively provided strong Christian Leadership and mentoring.

1994- Earl Ressler is instrumental in the successful merger of Calvary Baptist and Fellowship Bible Church.The Rev.Timothy Mishler serves as its pastor.Attendance grows to an average of 130 for worship services.

1997- Investigative committee formed to research facility upgrade options.

1999- Congregation voted in favor of building on 7 acres already owned by the church. Subsequently,a building committee was formed to determine the specific needs of the church and develop a comprehensive plan.

2003- After much input and feedback from the congregation,the building design and architectural plans are complete and the building lot is cleared and construction begins.

March 12-13,2005- New Church building Dedication Services.The attendance averages 180.